Facebook is now, more social

Facebook has introduced something appreciable recently. We have now 2-3 extra buttons over there for enhanced posting.. You can add your location and add friends via this interface . Here is a screenshot of the same.

Facebook 2011-08-28 10-08-34


You can add friends by clicking on the icon to the left .. Type in names of your friends and add them as shown in the screenshot below.

Facebook 2011-08-28 10-35-49

You can add the hangout location also via this enhancement from facebook. For that click on the location icon.

Facebook 2011-08-28 10-22-00

Above all, You can set the privacy of each and every status you update in facebook from now on.. You may follow as seen in the next screenshot..


Facebook 2011-08-28 10-26-05


If you feel like it is done, you can post it to your socials…

N.B Seems like this is inspired by Google Plus… 🙂


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